The Most Essential Skill You’ll Need to Succeed In Your Consulting Practice

After reading the first article in this series in my last newsletter, you may have completed the self-assessment questions to determine whether self-employment as an independent consultant is the right career path choice for you. Now that you’ve decided to select self-employment as your next career choice, what other essential skills do you need in order to run a successful consulting practice?

When I started, no one told me how critical it would be to market my business. Quite honestly, I was clueless! It’s become increasingly obvious over the years I’ve been in business to realize that marketing is the most critical skill you’ll need to grow your business over time. I’ve heard many marketing gurus say that as a small business owner your primary skill becomes marketing while your secondary skill becomes your chosen field of expertise.

My ears perked up when I first heard this statement because I felt as though it was backwards. I thought you had to first be an expert in your field versus being good at marketing your business. But after further consideration, it’s clear that if you can’t or don’t attract clients, it won’t matter whether you’re knowledgeable in your field! You won’t be able to sustain your business long enough for it to matter! And soon you’ll find yourself back in the job market for full-time employment.

In transitioning from full-time employment to your own business, as a part of your exit strategy try to secure a contract with your current employer. In doing so, you’ll have immediate work, ongoing cash flow and a reference to use in marketing your business to other clients. It also makes the statement that you left your last job on good terms with your former employer.

An amazing transformation slowly occurs over time once you’ve become self-employed as you embark upon developing and executing your marketing strategy. You’ll find that you’re continually marketing through different a mix of mediums.

Begin with the basics by identifying your target market. Create a visual image of your ideal client sitting across the desk from you. Who are they? What are their demographics (age, sex, socio-economic, size & industry of organization they work for, education, etc.)? What interests do they have? What publications do they read, what functions do they attend, what organizations and groups do they belong to? Get a clear picture of your typical client because you need to build your marketing campaign around that vision to attract that client.

Once you’ve defined your target market, you can begin to build a targeted, effective marketing campaign. Identify how much you can afford to spend over the first year and literally calendar out your marketing strategy using a mix of marketing endeavors such as speaking, building a website, direct mail, networking, advertising in publications and more.

Effective ways to market your business include:

Speaking engagements


Postcards and other direct mail campaigns

Newsletter (hard copy or email)



Marketing is very simple in that it boils down to connecting with potential clients to build effective business relationships over time. That’s the bottom line: you want your target market to remember you and contact you when they need your services. You have to continually remind them that you’re there to help them when they need you.

While the ultimate goal of marketing is simple, your marketing strategy and plan development is complex. It will cost you many thousands of dollars and hours to build an effective marketing program for your business. Give it the consideration it deserves as it will make or break your success as an independent consultant. Marketing truly is the most essential skill you’ll need to develop to build your consulting practice.

Can You Be an Arbonne Consultant?

Many people today are looking for ways to make money without having to enter or re-enter the “corporate world”. One such way of achieving this is through multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses such as Arbonne® Skin Care.

A visit to their company website will familiarize the person interested in learning more about this company and the products that are offered. There is no legalese, just plain, simple language that tells about the company’s inception, how it works, what products are available and how to become an Arbonne® consultant.

Practically the first thing one sees upon accessing Arbonne® site are the words “this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.” Arbonne® states very quickly that the work is challenging, but can be very satisfying. The company also clearly states that how much one makes depends on how much effort one puts into the endeavor.

As with any other “MLM” type of business, one should thoroughly investigate Arbonne® BEFORE committing any money or time. If a company is as honest as their website presents it to be, then it can stand up to a little scrutiny on the part of anyone who is considering making a financial as well as physical investment in the company. It may be advisable to talk to someone who is already a consultant for Arbonne®. Of course, this is how most MLM businesses work-consultants or representatives recruit others into the business.

If, however, the consultant is genuinely interested in someone who is considering joining the company, rather than just getting someone’s money, then that person will frankly and candidly answer any questions that may arise concerning the Arbonne® corporation that a person may have. Once a person has completed as much research as is deemed necessary, then the real “soul-searching” should begin. Only that person can determine whether or not selling their products is the right thing to do.

Of course, the most important factor to consider is that of TIME. One cannot just send out a few e-mails or flyers announcing to one and all that she is now an Arbonne® consultant. It will be necessary to have personal encounters at some time, often at night or on weekends.

The monetary investment will be the next most important factor. It may take quite a while before one actually “recoups” the money that was spent to become an Arbonne® consultant, much less begins to see an actual profit. This will require an honest appraisal of finances, which will not ONLY include the initial investment, but also the cost of fuel and other expenses that this will entail.

Family life, of course, will have to be considered. If a consultant has a child that is not yet of school age, can the child be taken along, or will there be the added expense of a babysitter or daycare? All these and other things will have to be taken into consideration in order for one to determine if the Arbonne® consultant business is a good idea.

What a Home Mortgage Consultant Can do For You

Buying a new home can be confusing at best. From mortgage negotiations to home inspections, it’s a complicated mess of paperwork that’s difficult to navigate and even harder to understand. That’s where mortgage consultants come in.

A mortgage consultant or broker is essentially an intermediary between you and the mortgage provider. They help you find the best mortgage and earn their money through commissions offered by lenders.

Here’s what to expect from a mortgage consultant when commissioning their services:

1. They’ll help you determine your budget. Before you even step foot in a bank or lending institution, a mortgage consultant will do a full and private assessment of your credit history and income to determine how large of a mortgage you can expect to qualify for.

2. Provide you with references to qualified realtors. Most mortgage brokers have close connections within the realty community, and they are happy to introduce you to qualified and well-recommended realtors in your area.

3. Help you choose the right mortgage for you. By clearly explaining the different types of mortgages and repayment structures, a mortgage broker can walk you through the mortgage selection process to help you find the most financially viable mortgage loan for you and your family.

4. Obtain quotes from a variety of lenders. Instead of pounding the pavement every day applying to multiple lenders, your mortgage consultant will do it for you.

5. Potentially negotiate a better interest rate. Thanks to their connections and understanding of the industry, a mortgage broker is often in a better strategic place to effectively negotiate a lower interest rate for you.

6. Refer home inspectors and attorneys. A mortgage broker can help you with all those tiny legal details associated with finalizing a mortgage, including obtaining an appraisal and securing an attorney.

7. Handling closing details and negotiating lower closing costs. A good mortgage broker will be there with you right to the day of closing and signing. They’ll explain your mortgage contract to you in full and may be able to negotiate lower closing costs associated with your mortgage.

Tips on Dealing with a Professional Mortgage Consultant:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask them what their commission will be on a particular mortgage option. You don’t want to agree to a $400,000 loan with bad terms simply because your mortgage broker was going to earn a higher commission.

2. Don’t be afraid to seek outside advice. Whether it’s consulting a lawyer, accountant or even another bank, you should never be hesitant about reevaluating your mortgage consultant’s recommendations with an outside party.

Business Relocation Consulting – Know The ABCs About It

As we know, there are times when a business needs to be relocated. This can cause a great deal of stress to the business owner, apart from the time involved, while the details are taken care of, customers and clients that need to be informed. In order that the move is smooth, without disruption in the business, the employees stability carefully handled – all these issues and various other factors that involve relocation for a business can be handled effectively by professionals dealing with business relocation consulting.

There are different services offered by business relocation consultants. They are able to offer advice on relocating, so that the business suffers the least possible loss, and they may even take it upon themselves, if you so desire, to make all the decisions, which will involve the venue, the employees, handling of customers, advertisement and even the minor hassles of relocation. This will allow the business to run smoothly, while the move is in progress.

Improving Business in the new location

Consulting agencies or consultants before the move is also a good idea, so that a new location or site can be well handled with the least possible expenditure – in other words, they have the expertise to look for a good deal at a bargain price which would save the business money. Also, they will handle employees relocation, so that they are comfortable and not stressed out.

The Different Agencies and Consultants

There are different groups, both individual and those that have interests in promoting their sites for businesses, in the hope of making economic gains to the area. Some groups are wholly private and do not have interests in any economic developments. They concentrate on helping the business relocate, and provide them with advice, strategy, and take the entire load of moving and relocating on themselves. This leaves the business free to concentrate in their present location, while their moving needs are taken care of simultaneously by the business relocation consultants.

There are various options to choose for the business that is in the process of moving. Individual needs of clients need to be met, the main focus being the client or customer, who needs to be comfortable with the move. If they have been dealing with the business for many years, they would like to continue to do business. So they need to be comfortable with the move and the location.

They will be prepared to adjust, depending on their rapport with the Company. Employees need to consider the effect on themselves and their families, the mode of transport facilities available to them, the time involved in traveling, the facilities for food, if the area is away from the city – these are considerations that businesses will do well to take into account while handing over their requirements to experts in Business relocation consulting.

Services Provided by Restaurant Consultants

Restaurant Consultants are helping people interested to start their own restaurants, or re innovating old restaurants. For a long time, it was very difficult for newcomers in this filed setting up a new restaurant, to select a suitable place, to design interiors in most effective and eye catching manner, to select cuisines, menu, and other little things, which may affect the overall business. The marketing and advertisement was a tougher task which must have been a nightmare for prospective restaurant owners.

Earlier, in absence of perfect blend of everything, one can’t expect good business. Running a restaurant takes high level of energy, capital, and manpower. At the end, due to insufficient business most of the restaurant owners either sell their restaurant or lease to popular chains.

But current scenario is different, now there are several Restaurant and Café Consultants in market. They are experienced player of this field, having team of people with diverse set of experience in travel and tourism, dining and leisure industry. If you contact a Restaurant Consultant for his services, you don’t need to do any market survey, consult an interior designer, or a marketing and advertising agency.

Restaurant Consultants provides one stop services of every task related to a Restaurant. They help in developing a Restaurant Business Plan, selection of the best possible venue for restaurant, interior and exterior design to attract people and to make his visit pleasant, cuisines selection, menu design, employee training or marketing and advertising. If taken individually these things seem less important, but together they make great impact over business. A well designed menu or a well trained staff can increase number of placed order by a customer. If it happens a few times a day, it can affect your whole business transactions on a monthly basis.

In other words if you start your Restaurant Setup, with help of a Restaurant and Café Consultant, you add the amount of experience carried by the team, which in turn transforms the prospects of your business. You’ll see your Restaurant Business providing you the taste of success, satisfaction and wealth at same point of time.

TRC20 Token Development | Create TRC20 Token

Thinking of transforming your ideas into a credible Crypto business, build your very own TRC20 token with the veteran Tron Token Development Company- The Maticz. Maticz avails the Tron Token Development with a very optimized gas fee and an increased number of audits processed per second.

TRC20 Token Development

Thinking of transforming your ideas into credible Crypto business,Guest Posting build your very own TRC20 token with the veteran Tron Token Development Company- The Maticz. Maticz avails the Tron Token Development with a very optimized gas fee and increased number of audits processed per second.

Tron Token Development Services

The Tron Token Development Services are root functions that find their ready use in multiple streams that include,

>> Tron Smart Contracts Development

Our TRC20 Token Development Services pave way for the Smart Contract development Services which account for the validity of the process associated. The tools involved are Tron-IDE, Tronbox and Trongrid.

>> Tron Wallet Development

TRC20 Token Development remains as a basic managing entity in design and development of Tron Wallets. The Tron wallets developed include the Tronscan wallet, Android Development and Tronlink cold wallet.

>> Tron DEX Development

The Tron Token Development process readily supports the Decentralized Exchanges. The DEXes offer provisions for a wide range of trading pairs.the trading and prices are very well monitored through the Bancor Protocol.

>> Tron IDE Development

The Tron Token Development Services remain in line with the Integrated Development Environment creation. The IDEs account for the design and development of Smart Contracts that perform specific functionalities based on the requirements of the clients.

>> Tron Station Development

Tron Token Development Services contribute to the Tron Station Development. The Tron Stations are integratable APIs that denote the actual amount of energy consumed per every transaction.

>> Tron Token Development

Tron Token Development refers to the process promoting the design and development of Tokens executing primary functionalities making use of the Tron Blockchain Network Architecture as their base operational framework.

Create Your Own TRC20 Token

If you are on the lookout for the most beneficial Tron Token then avail the services of the pro in Crypto Product delivery Maticz the predominant Tron Token development Company. Maticz helps you build your very own TRC20 Token with optimized design architecture along with enhanced precision in application delivery to its end users.

Technical Requirements of our Tron Token Development

Rosetta API
PHP SDK-tron-api
Python SDK-tronpy
Python SDK-tron-api-python
Tronlink Browser Extension
Tron Payments NPM
Go SDK-gotron-sdk
Why choose Maticz for Tron Token Development?

We Maticz the pioneers in Token Development Company serve the Crypto aspirants with market ready products that come up with the ability to meet their market requirements up to date. We design and develop the TRC20 Tokens on the Tron Blockchain Architecture for the improved use case of the Tron audience along with desirable features promoting its long run.

How to choose the best shopfitting manufacturer and supplier for your Business?

As a business owner, you would like your retail outlet to be stylized in an elegant sense. For that, you would require the sharp expertise of a shopfitting manufacturer. They can provide your store with the entire essential shelving solutions it so requires.

As a business owner,Guest Posting you would like your retail outlet to be stylized in an elegant sense. For that, you would require the sharp expertise of a shopfitting manufacturer. They can provide your store with all the essential shelving solutions it so requires. But how do you select the shopfitting expert that can serve you with pitch-perfect fittings and shelvings? Every expert claims to be, well an expert. But how do you select the best among all those expert manufacturer or suppliers? Well, how about we lend you a helping hand?

Here, we will list down some important pointers that can help you find the best shopfitting or Shelving manufacturer and supplier. So, without further ado, let’s explore those pointers, shall we?


Expertise is a large and wide term in itself as it covers almost every aspect of an expert. You can look at their previous work to understand what projects they have undertaken before. There is always a portfolio that you can go through. By measuring their expertise, you can discern if the shopfitting expert carries the proficiency that you seek. A shelving manufacturer with global-scale expertise is always the best option if you ask us. Nevertheless, you must not look down upon the local shelving experts. The objective here is to understand their level of skill and their knowledge of the industry.

Watch the Reviews

In this digital age, it is much easier to learn about the reviews of any business or brand. All you have to do is just use the mighty Google and the deed is done. But jokes aside, reviewing a shopfitting manufacturer is serious business. Through the help of reviews, you can also measure the overall performance of the supplier you plan to call. Try to go through what the past clients and customers of the selected shopfitter have to say. It is important to take the popular word into consideration. While we maintain that no and manufacturer would have all the “positivity” to its side, you must seek out the shelving expert that is in the praises of the audience.

The Aspect of Feasibility

We can never leave the aspect of budget out of the question, can we? It is not advisable to step out of your budget line and move towards shopfitting suppliers that offer solutions with an exorbitant price tag. So, it is not wise to equate quality with price. This is to say a higher price won’t always promise superior quality. You should search and seek the shop fitting manufacturer that offers splendid shelving solutions at a reasonable price. While this might take some heavy and intensive research, it is worth investing time and effort if you get the best shelving solutions that stay loyal to your budget bracket.

So, these were a few pointers that can help you find the best manufacturer and supplier of shop fitting. Our intention here was to acquaint you with areas and aspects that you should consider while giving a call to the shelving expert. Following these pointers, you can find the good manufacturer or supplier, at the best price of course.

Top 5 Pros Of Shrink Wrapping Machine

Check out the top 5 benefits of shrink wrapping machine in Mumbai in the blog below

Irrespective of the size or shape,Guest Posting if the base of your business is selling products on digital platforms, you understand just how significant packaging is for the protection of your valuable merchandise. However, in addition to protection during transport, striking product packaging delivers a slam-dunk primary impression. Shrink wrapping machine, (also known as shrink tunnel machine or shrink packaging machine) is a very prevalent choice, particularly with eco-conscious companies.

Most of the shrink tunnel machine manufacturers in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Banaglore in India endows with an extensive variety of shrink tunnel machine formulated to fulfil the needs of any industry. You must think on investing in straight-bar shrink wrapping machine (usually used to packing CDs, DVDs, and books), shrink bundlers (made use of in wrapping heaps of appliances, electronics, bundles of paper, etc.), or lot more money-saving alternatives. You can avail top-of-the-line shrink wrapping machine, providing the ideal wrapping solutions for your business.

The main goal of every shrink tunnel machine manufacturer in Mumbai is to offer all businesses with high-quality delivery materials and equipment. The aim here is to support warehouses and distribution centres diminish costs and make enlarged storage space. Precision engineered shrink packaging machine range would easily accommodate a wide array of products and keep products safe during shipping process.

Check out the top 5 benefits of shrink wrapping machine in Mumbai:

1. Maximize Storage Space

Shrink wrapping machine can help a warehouse or distribution center upsurge valuable storage space to make it easier to fulfil other ecommerce business needs. These shrink wrap machines fills up a smaller amount floor space in comparison to conventional packaging equipment. Moreover, shrink wrapping machine is lightweight and fills up little space as well. Both of these pros helps in creating more room for product storage and other essential equipment for increasing businesses.

2. Protect Merchandise From Damage

Shrink packaging machine is highly effective in acting as shield against environmental damage. It defends against dirt and humidity; your products will be safeguarded from these elements. Shrink packaging machine can also extend the life of products that would in any which ways spoil quickly. This mostly includes perishable foods.

3. Boost Marketing With Printed Shrink Wrapping Machine

This optional usage of shrink wrapping machine is not only eye-catching, it also helps big time in marketing. By making use of printed material, businesses can help escalate and spread brand awareness. This alternative also has the ability to intensify customer loyalty. If your customers are content with the service offered, appealing packaging could be that push they would require to shop again.

4. Offers A Reasonable Option

In comparison to conventional corrugated products and packaging methods, shrink wrapping machine needs up to 75% less material. Requiring less material is a simple way to save. With the additional bonus of extra storage space, warehouses and distribution centres will be able to capitalize on their budgets. Further, shrink wrapping machine also provides easy end-product disposal.

5. Utilize Exceptional Packaging Options.

For businesses who are shipping merchandise that ought to be kept cold, shrink wrapping machine is a great investment. As plastic wrapping is effective against ecological damage, cooling is an option. It also lets packaging in ice or even water. With a tight seal, merchandise will be safe from damage as well as preserved appropriately.

Finding Best Shrink Wrap Manufacturer

If you check online, you will find a number of top shrink wrapping machine manufacturers in India. Not only do they provide installation services, but will also endow you with proper training on how to use the shrink wrapping machine. With wide range of products available, businesses will find exactly what they are seeking for.

Culinary hacks used by restaurant Chefs

Commercial kitchens can become a very busy place, especially during peak service times. While we think of restaurant Chefs as doing everything properly and methodically when it comes to food preparation, during busy times, they also need to find ways to minimize the time spent on each dish, since there is so much to do.

Many professional chefs,Guest Posting clad in their chef whites and bib aprons, have found different ways to reduce the time spent on different activities, so that they run a more efficient kitchen operation.

Here a few culinary hacks that chefs use in a commercial kitchen:

Cutting cake – Running the knife under hot water before cutting a cake results in a clean-cut perfect piece of cake, as the hot water prevents the cake and icing from sticking to the knife.
Lemon Juice – An atomizer can be stuck into a lemon to create lemon spray.
Burger patties – Making a slight dip in the center of the burger patty before frying reduces the frying time.
Knives – Attaching rubber bands to the handle of the knife to prevent it from slipping.
Portion sizes – Defining portion sizes with your hand.
How sour a lemon is – Knowing how sour a lemon will be from how thin the lemon peel is. The thinner the lemon peel the sourer the fruit will be.
Freshness of eggs – Finding out how fresh an egg is by the ring around the egg yolk.
Cooking sausages – Making small cuts in the sausage to ensure that it is cooked perfectly inside and outside.
Keeping cut cake fresh – Cut cake will not go stale if you keep slices of bread on the cut sides of the cake.
Keeping greens fresh – Storing greens wrapped in foil to keep them fresh for longer.
Perfectly fried bacon – Perfect bacon is actually made by placing them on foil and baking them, rather than frying them.
Slicing steak – Steak should be cut along the grain to stop it from breaking up.
Reheating pizza – When reheating pizza, spray it with some water before popping it in the oven.

The Origin and Development of Electric Resistance Welded Pipe

The Origin and Development of Electric Welded Pipe

The seamless welded pipe production technology was invented in Germany,Guest Posting and the technology since then is mainly in Germany. The United States is a pioneer in the development of electric resistance welded pipe (ERW welded pipe) production technology. Since its birth, there have been major technological advances almost every ten years. During this period, the United States has always been the protagonist of technological progress. Other countries can only look forward to the project and adopt the method of introducing technology. American Elihu Thomson invented the application of resistance heating to welding metals. Around 1900, a large number of pipe making methods based on the Thomson principle appeared. Several typical methods were: the method invented by the American Standard Welding Company; the method invented by the German R. Kronenberg; the method invented by the Norwegian Soennichsen and the lap resistance law. Although these methods quickly disappeared, they provided the possibility for people to use resistance energy to weld steel pipes and pointed out the future development direction.

Elihu Thomson (1853-1937) was born in England and was an electrical engineer with outstanding ability. In 1892, he and Edison founded the world-famous General Electric Company. It was this electrical engineer who invented the method of welding using resistance heat (Joule heat Q=I2R). Thomson has obtained nearly 700 patents in his lifetime, including not only AC motors and transformers, but also a variety of electric welding methods, mainly involving flash butt welding, spot welding or lap welding of steel plates, wires, bars, and steel pipes. But these None of the patents directly relates to today’s electric resistance welded steel pipe process. Nevertheless, we should see Thomson’s contribution to the origin of resistance welded pipes, because the basic technologies and devices required at the beginning of the birth of high-frequency steel pipes are covered in its patents.

In 1900, the Standard Welding Company of Cleveland, Ohio, combined electric resistance welding technology with high-frequency steel pipe technology and obtained a patent. The process steps of this patent include: first forming a steel pipe with an open welded seam, and then applying current to the edges of the electrode rods in contact with the two edges, and at the same time forming butt welding of the heated edges of the other squeeze rollers.

The key point of this patent is the distance between the center of the electrode roll and the center of the squeeze roll. This distance must be set correctly to offset the adverse effects of frequency. Thomson and his partners designed a unit based on this patent, which can produce thin-walled, small-diameter steel pipes for bicycle frames. This is the earliest commercial electric resistance welded steel pipe product.

Subsequently, similar methods were adopted in Germany to produce electric resistance welded pipes. The first was Rudolf Kronenberg of Kronprinz. He successfully converted the brazing of bicycle rims into electric resistance welding, and based on his experience in rim forming and transformer production, he established a high-frequency steel tube unit similar to Standard Welding. Before World War I, the steel pipe factory was producing frames for bicycles. Since then, a number of production lines using alternating current to produce high-frequency steel pipes have been established in the United States and Germany.

Electric resistance welded pipe originated in the 1890s. What is interesting is that there have been major technological advances almost every 10 years since its birth. The early development of electric resistance welded pipe can be roughly divided into five stages: the origin stage, the commercial application stage, the multi-frequency stage, the intermediate frequency conversion stage and the high frequency stage.

As a historical review, the text focuses on the events before the 1880s. Since then, electric resistance welded pipe production technology has entered a relatively stable stage of development, but significant technological progress has been made in coil raw materials, welding technology, automatic control technology, information management, and non-destructive testing.

Since the development of electric resistance welded pipe, it has become the largest steel pipe variety, surpassing seamless steel pipe in the world, and is used in various fields.